Hi there, I’m Peter Steendam and you can see some of my pictures and stuff on this website which I hope you’ll enjoy while scrolling through.

I’m from 1967 and from an early age on I was fascinated by fighter jets. In fact all military airplanes, but it really started with seeing a picture of a pilot wearing a helmet and mask in a borrowed book. I then knew; I want this too, so I will be a fighter pilot. Well it didn’t work out for me in the end, but it’s still my hobby to see the airplanes and I’m still fascinated with flightgear. When I got the opportunity I started collecting flightgear aswell. I also got a fair share of patches which I also like a lot.

But my main hobby is to go about and make photographs of military aircraft. I bought my first gear in 1984 and it was a Pentax ME Super with motordrive plus a few Petri/Tamron lenses. In 1990 I switched to the Canon T90 with Canon lenses. After 28 years of using all kinds of Canon bodies and a large variety of (some very heavy) lenses, I switched to Nikon in 2018. This was only after a hint that Nikon’s 200-500mm zoomlens was such a light, cheap and  great sharp lens. I really liked the idea of a lightweight big zoomlens instead of all the fixed lenses I got. Call it a midlife crisis maybe, but I switched and have no regrets.

My current photographing gear consists of a D500 plus grip, D850 plus grip, 16-80mm 2.8-4.0, 70-200mm 2.8E FL ED, 300mm 2.8G II ED, 200-500mm 5.6E ED, TC 14E III, TC 20E III plus a speedlight SB-910.

If there is anything you’d like to know about the pictures and other stuff on the website, please don’t hesitate and contact me.

For a very short time in 2018 I owned both Canon and Nikon. Shortly after this snapshot I sold off all my Canon stuff. Only the TC20 was not yet in at the time of the picture I see.




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